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one useless entry after 1 year


because the other day, me and 'someone' tried randomizer to decide who got amir or ivan. Then turned out we both got even for several tries. (Even=Amir, Odd=Ivan) We imagined ivan might be crying in the corner. lol


Another doodle, Ivan okaa-sama.. or should I say oku-sama

s-somehow he reminds me of teddie from P4~~ OwO;;


what I've been struggling to finish but to no avail. Flowers are so hard to draw, I swear. If you managed to squint your eyes, you might realize I didn't follow my flower sketch at all =w=;;


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SIEEEEEE YOUR IVANNN AHHHH omg hahaha that randomizer thing was so amusing ^///^ I swear that randomizer website is biased towards Amir so it keeps on giving us even numbers *SHOT* Don't worry Ivan-tan, you're still our yomeee~ /SHOT you draw Ivan so cute hnghh YOU NEED TO DRAW MOREEE *shakes you*
Also what are you talking about those flowers are so prooo~ ahhh omg sie your coloring sob how do you color like a boss like that hnghh I can't wait to see it finishedddd ^///^ <33 Good luck in finishing it!

lol yea, IKR? that randomizer is amir's fangirl, I swear XD

dsaghasdgsdha NO, YOU NEED TO DRAW MORE
/shakes you instead

c-color like a boss? whutttt

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